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Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
: that was interesting. i had long talk with my editor bill tphreufpls -- phillips and they warn against a retroactive diagnosis but this whole black dog thing started in a letter he wrote in 1911. he never used the term again. a and coville and others who worked for him, nannies would say to their children, little kids they are taking care of, the black dog is on him today. host: depression? guest: no, for the little children it was bad behavior or bad day, an expression nannies used, what would be called a bad hair day. it was not as used by these folks something we would call major adult depression. now, whatever churchill experienced in anyone 11 -- 1911 sounded to these doctors like a moderate depressive episode. he got through it. he doesn't mention it any more. years dirists would say he looked depressed and that created a depression word document and singapore just fell bismarck is on the loose, something else just fell, he is having very bad days and i don't think his cronies were using depression in a clinical sense. winston was utterly destroyed today. he was depressed. so, i
Dec 23, 2012 8:00pm EST
editor bill phillips and says that you and bill phillips had never met each other in person. is that still the case? >> that is still the case. bill phillips is the greatest man i have never met. >> explain the relationship. >> he has 1000 e-mail's we have exchanged. we talk on the phone. i was two years into the project before i met bill on the phone. >> were you then at the time? >> i was here, actually, in north carolina in our house. i did not really have a manuscript ready to send him. another year or two went by. i would send him what i would call chunks. we would go back and forth with the first 100 pages, the next, the next. never really exchanged the entire manuscript. is slowly went along. we would find as we were in the seventh or eighth year and working on the last year of the war, changes there resulted in changes to the beginning of the book. it sounds counterintuitive. so, we had to go all the way back. things that were set in 1945 about the blitz. wait a minute. back and forth, back and forth. and bill was very encouraging. we did have this -- bill manchester and wins
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)